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Review of Escort MobileTV iOS TV Adapter


As a tech reviewer there are times where one can become jaded reviewing the similar types of products and accessories. Every so often a new and unique product comes along to liven things up. Escort a company known for their…

ColcaSac News and Happenings


ColcaSac is a company that makes green or environmentally friendly sleeves and bags for technology products.  Way back in 2009 we reviewed one of the their MacBook sleeves actually and it did very well, soon you should be seeing a…

Befuddled Together Comes to iOS


For $1.99 you can get Befuddled Together now! Personally I’ve never heard of Befuddled, but apparently it’s a very popular game on iOS and now they’ve just released a multiplayer version of it so you can get befuddled together with…

Review of SRS iWOW 3D for iPod, iPhone & iPad


SRS labs are known for their audio technologies found in numerous consumer products including HDTV’s. In fact the SRS logo can be found on numerous HDTV boxes and stickers affixed to HDTV’s. Recently they have come out with the SRS…

Review of Griffin HELO TC


Griffin continues to put out unique iOS device based accessories including today’s review product – the HELO TC. This twin-rotor remote-controlled helicopter uses a free app on the iPhone/iPod Touch to control its flight capability. Unlike the expensive Patriot AR…

Free iOS App: Insert-A-Zombie


Just I time for Halloween, a free app for you that’s called Insert-A-Zombie and it’s just what it sounds like. You can insert zombies or ghosts into any photos you’ve taken with this great little free app. There’s 110 choices,…

Free iOS App: Stooges


Let’s start Monday off with something free for you! How about to little slapstick comedy from the Three Stooges to brighten up your day? Yep, there’s a new app or game available called ‘Stooges’ that let’s you mix and match…

Free iOS App: Zoombie Digger World Tour


Let’s start Friday morning off with another free game. The creators of Zoombie Digger World Tour have removed the paid unlock for the additional levels, so now you can play the full game for free! It’s for iPhone, iPod and…

Dragons Rage Comes to iOS


Now this is my kind of game, you get to be the dragon in the new iOS game called Dragons Rage from Touch Village. Pricing is $1.99 and it’s available right now so you can get your rage on and…

Free iOS App: Hungribles


So it looks like we’ve got the site moved. The new address is blogwww.technogog.com  but the old address redirects here so you don’t have to change any bookmarks! Let’s start the day off with two free apps for you, maybe…

Wiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book

Wiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book

Kristofer Brozio
Hmm, I want this  book for me, I’ll read it then I’ll give it to my kids, I think I need it&nbs…
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4 days agoWiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book
Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Tomas Ratas
The first Bluetooth headset review I did was several years ago. It is amazing how things have change…
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3 days agoReview of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset
OCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs

OCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs

Kristofer Brozio
OCZ announced this morning the launch of the Sabre 1000 series of SSDs which are enterprise class wh…
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4 days agoOCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs
Call of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Coming Soon

Call of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Com…

Kristofer Brozio
Blah, so I totally misread this PR at first and I went to download this from Google Play and then tr…
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4 days agoCall of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Com…
Black Friday: Deals from Acer

Black Friday: Deals from Acer

Kristofer Brozio
Acer has several things on special for Black Friday at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Costco and even t…
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3 days agoBlack Friday: Deals from Acer