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With the growing popularity of internet TV, DVDs, and social media videos, the demand of professional quality DVD creation software is growing, along with the available options for the products.

WinX DVD Author is not as flashy as some, but for $29.90, it has everything you need for burning DVDs, converting video files for TV, updating old home movies to DVD, or creating classy displays for multimedia presentations.

The main feature of WinX DVD Author is the conversion feature. With this, you can convert any file on your computer into a DVD file, and burn it to watch on your television. The software converts AVI, WMV, DivX, MPEG, Xvid, RM, RMVB, and ASF files. You can even take video straight from a webcam, internet TV, or DVR and transfer to hard copy.

The Author supports both NTCS, the video format standard of the Americas, and PAL, the video standard overseas. DVDs can be formatted for either 16:9 for widescreen TV, or 4:3 for standard TV.

This software boasts of including the fastest DVD conversion engine. On average, a DVD can be burned in just one hour.

The process is illustrated below, followed by some images of the finished product.

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WinX DVD Author

WinX DVD Author Tools was designed to convert and burn AVI, WMV, DivX, MPEG, XVID ,RMVB, ASF MP4 files to DVD with chapter Menu,WinX-DVD Author is the easy way to create your DVD video disc with dvd menu and subtitle.

-WinX DVD Author is a all-in-one DVD creating and burning software. About 8,000,000 users choose WinX DVD Author.
-Supports most video files, such as AVI to DVD, DivX to DVD, WMV ASF to DVD, MP4 to DVD, MPEG1/2 to DVD, Xvid to DVD, RM RMVB to DVD, OGG to DVD, FLV to DVD, MOV to DVD, QT (QuickTime) to DVD, etc. 132 video codecs and 52 audio codecs built in .
-WinX DVD Author burn module supports all most DVD burner device, and all current hardware interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA). support disc media:DVD+/-R, DVD+/- RW, DVD DL+R, DVD DL+/-RW, etc.
-High speed and high Video quality : WinX DVD Author brings you the advanced and high speed converting method, WinX DVD Author strongly impressed the user with best video picture quality.
-Support subtitle to DVD: The user can add subtitle file (*.srt) and video file together, and then the software creates a DVD with true DVD subtitle. you can switch on or switch off the subtitle on your remote control when you play the DVD on home DVD player.
-Create DVD Menu: Custom and automatic chapter creation, create DVD menu and DVD chapter menu easy and fun. You can even add a background music to DVD menu, so you can organize a large number of clips into one DVD Disc.
-Output for NTSC and PAL video, WinX DVD Author supports both NTSC and PAL standard, even create a PAL DVD from NTSC video or create NTSC DVD from PAL video.
-For 16:9 Widescreen TV and 4:3 standard TV: Give you a choice to create 16:9 DVD for Widescreen TV or 4:3 DVD for standard TV.
-Easy cut and merge video file: Set the video clips beginning and ending time you have a choice to create DVD from any part of the video.
-Multilingual supported: Multilingual user interface supported : (English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, etc.)
-Runs on Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista.

The process is quick, and the software is straightforward and simple. Select files to convert to the DVD file, add finishing touches with background art and music on the chapter page, add subtitles if desired, convert the files to VOB, and burn the disks. The process of creating the DVD, in its entirety, only takes about 30 minutes, and it took under one hour to burn. There were no glitches or unexpected problems. The DVD ran smoothly, perfectly synchronized, and was of very high quality.

The installation process is smooth and speedy. The software comes with a helper tool and expansive index. It is not written in the most eloquent of English, but it is understandable.

The output sizes cannot be customized beyond formatting for widescreen or standard TV screens. However, you can easily change the resolution to High Definition by selecting the option in the burning menu.

Unlike some DVD creation software, you cannot edit the videos. The options are limited, but the results are still of excellent quality. There are options available, however, for adding text to clips in the menu screen.


For a simple solution to DVD conversion, WinX DVD Author is perfect and cost-efficient. But for someone looking to create video beyond presentations, documentaries, and home movies, more expensive software can be purchased with additional features


+Perfect for simple tasks
+Easy to Learn

-Few additional features

Overall score-8-10
Design score-7-10
Performance score-9-10
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