Scosche reviveLITE iPod / iPhone Charger

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There are a lot of iPod/iPhone accessories on the market. Some are quite useful and utilitarian, while others are just wasting everyone’s time. Today’s product would seem to fall into the latter category, but after some further investigation, it is actually a useful product.

Scosche Industries is an award-winning innovator of mobile electronics automotive aftermarket accessories. Recently they have started making iPod compatible accessories. For review, they sent Test Freaks: the reviveLITE. This is a iPod/iPhone home charger with a built in night light. Now you can recharge your iPod or iPhone at bed time and keep from tripping over the dog. This concept sounds a bit unusual, but it actually works pretty well.

The Scosche reviveLITE arrives in a clear plastic clamshell case with the device sitting in the center of a clear window. We see the Scosche logo above the reviveLITE and on top of the package. On the botton is the reviveLITE name and description of the product.

reviveLITE1 reviveLITE2 reviveLITE3

On the back of the package there is a picture of the reviveLITE in action with a pictorial listing of which iPod/iPhone models work with the charger.

reviveLITE4 reviveLITE5 reviveLITE6

Once removed from the clamshell, we find the reviveLITE charger/nightlight, instructions and four foam adapters.

reviveLITE7 reviveLITE8 reviveLITE9 reviveLITE10

The reviveLITE comes in Arctic White and Java Black. For this review we received the white model. The shape is reminiscent of a MacBook Pro AC power adapter.

In the center of the device is a power button for the night light. On the top right of the unit we see the reviveLITE which has a light sensor for turning off the light when there is enough ambient light. The left side has the cover flips down to reveal the 30 pin power connector for the iPod or iPhone.

reviveLITE11 reviveLITE12 reviveLITE13

Turning over the reviveLITE reveals the AC plug which is recessed into the device and can be flipped out when ready for use.

reviveLITE14 reviveLITE15 reviveLITE16

The reviveLITE is Energy Star certified, meaning it will not waste electricity unnecessarily.


Scosche reviveLITE

- conveniently charge your iPod or iPhone without the hassle and mess of cords
- frosted LED nightlight automatically illuminates in low light and can be manually switched off
- includes foam inserts to secure various iPod and iPhone models
- meets Energy Star performance standards

Price: $39.99

The reviveLITE is very simple to use. Flip down the charging base, attach the proper foam adapter into the side of the reviveLITE and insert your Apple device onto the 30 pin connector. The four foam adapters are specific for certain iPod/iPhones. Just follow the instruction to figure out which one fits your device.

These adapters are not necessary to use the reviveLITE but do provide extra stability to keep your iPod/iPhone from taking an unnecessary tumble. In fact larger iPod models such as the iPod 5th Gen Video do not need the foam adapter.

Here is the iPhone 3G sitting in the reviveLITE.

reviveLITE17 reviveLITE18 reviveLITE19 reviveLITE20

Here is an iPod 5th Gen Video housed in the Scosche device.

reviveLITE21 reviveLITE22 reviveLITE23 reviveLITE24

Once plugged into an AC outlet, the iPod or iPhone will immediately start charging. The night light can be turned on and off with the power button in the center of the device. If there is a light source on in the room, then the light sensor will keep the night light off.

reviveLITE25 reviveLITE26 reviveLITE27 reviveLITE28

After using the reviveLITE for several days, it works as advertised. The night light is a bit weak and only illuminates a small radius around it. Still it is better than stumbling around in the dark. There does not seem to be a way to replace the light bulb, so once the bulb goes, then you are stuck with just a plain old recharger.

As a charger, the reviveLITE works as advertised. Charging my iPhone and iPod took the same time using the standard iPod charging cable or the reviveLITE.

reviveLITE1 reviveLITE11 reviveLITE17 reviveLITE28


The Scosche reviveLITE sounds like a bizarre concept, but in reality it works as advertised. It is small and portable, so you can pack it for road trips and is small and unobtrusive enough to keep constantly attached to an outlet. My main issue with it is the night light could be a bit more powerful and the bulb replaceable.

The reviveLITE works like most other chargers, so the question is whether the night light is what you need with your iPod/iPhone charger. Price wise, the reviveLITE is similar in price to other charging solutions, so the key is whether you desire the novelty of the night light feature

Works as advertised
Well designed
Energy Star Certified

Night light could be more powerful
Lightbulb not replaceable

Overall score-8-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-8-10
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