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Today we have a quick review of another tablet accessory. The TwoHands II from Felix is a clip on stand that attaches to most any size tablet in either portrait or landscape orientations. It was created to be portable and easy to use. Created by Industrial Designer – Jung Tak, TwoHands II is designed to be simple to use while I being very utilitarian.


The TwoHands II arrives in a cardboard package with the device visualized through a plastic window. The box is sealed with a plastic band that has four fingers on each side similar to the one’s on the TwoHands II stand. An image of the Felix TwoHands II holding an iPad is seen on the lower half of the front. The back demonstrates the various angles the stand can rest at along with the maximal diameter and thickness of tablets that the stand is compatible with.


TwoHands02 TwoHands03


Inside the package we find the TwoHands II stand and a pictorial instruction sheet. The device comes in six color options including green, red, blue, pink, black, and white. For today’s review we will look at the pink version.

TwoHands04 TwoHands05


The TwoHands II measures 2 3/4″ in length x 1″ in width x 7″ in height. It can accommodate tablets up to 10.5” wide and 3/8” in thickness or less. It is composed of two plastic arms with an aluminum covering on the outside of each arm. A script Felix logo is found on the aluminum of each arm.



Looking at the TwoHands II from the side we see two arms that come together in the middle forming a heart shape. At the end of each arm are four fingers for gripping the tablet. On the inner part of each “hand” are four silicone pads on each finger and two larger pads on the opposite surface for keeping the device from scratching the tablet.



Towards the back of the TwoHands II is a tension spring that is separated by pinching the two back wings. This is the section that rests on the table or other surface when holding up a tablet.

Two large colored silicone pads are found on these wings to help maintain control of the TwoHands II when opening and closing it. At the base of these two wings is additional silicone to keep the stand from sliding around when holding the tablet.



Overall the design is very simple and elegant. The TwoHands II seems to be well constructed although the use of plastic around the spring makes me slightly concerned that it will eventually break.




Specifications and Features

TwoHands II

Clips and holds with just one squeeze.

TwoHands II hangs on tight to your iPad, tablet, or eReader. Its design allows you to perfectly position the angle for your device, while its slim profile easily fits into your bag for ultimate portability. Use it on any level surface (even some uneven ones) and enjoy.

Landscape or portrait.

TwoHands II is designed to work with whatever orientation suits the moment. It easily opens up wide to allow for a stable hold in landscape or portrait with both small and large tablets.

Every angle.

TwoHands II’ clever design allows you to find the angle that best suits your needs. Be it avoiding glare from the sun, wanting an upright angle for movie viewing or a laid-back angle for swiping through your cookbook. Whatever your need, just slide the two hands up or down to find your angle. Because we don’t make the rules. You do.

Every color (almost).

Add some personality to your tablet with our line-up of vibrant colors, or opt for a more subtle black or white. Whichever you select, it’s sure to please.

Every tablet.

While it may not work with your old Game Boy, it should work with just about any modern tablet out there. If the maximum dimension of your tablet is 10.5″ or less and it’s 3/8″ or thinner, TwoHands II is for you.

Easy to use.

Simply squeeze, clip and adjust to the desired angle. What could be easier than that?

Price: $24.99 at Target





Usage and Testing


Using the TwoHands II is simple – just squeeze the wings, clip it onto the tablet in either portrait or landscape and then adjust the viewing angle. Removal is just as simple. Pinch the wings and lift the tablet out.

The viewing angle is dependent where the TwoHands II rests on the tablet. A higher position will yield a lower viewing angle while a low position provides a steeper angle.

For testing I used the iPad 2nd gen, iPad Air and iPad Mini 1st gen.

Here is the TwoHands II supporting an iPad Mini.

TwoHands09 TwoHands10


Here are pictures of the TwoHands II working with the iPad Air.


TwoHands12 TwoHands13



The TwoHands II works as advertised, however there is a slight problem especially when using the device with the new iPad Air or iPad Mini. If the tablet being used has a thin bezel then the hands of the stand will encroach on the active screen. While this is not an issue with the older iPad it does occur with the iPad Mini and iPad Air. In landscape orientation this is not an issue as the bezel on these two models is wider.

So the take home is that the bezel size will affect whether the hands of the TwoHands II overlaps on the tablet’s main screen. I would assume Felix may create a special version of the Two Hands to accommodate the smaller bezels in the future.







The Felix TwoHands II is another one of those “why didn’t I come up with this idea” type products. It is simple in form and function while accomplishing its job.

The one drawback to this model is the “hands” may overlap onto the active display of tablets with thinner width bezels. That being said, it is still a great affordable product for those who use their tablets without any sort of stand or case. It has a whimsical design and can accommodate almost any viewing angle.





+Simple to use
+Silicon non-slip grips

-Overlaps screen on tablets with thinner bezels

Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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