Review of Otterbox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Captivate

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I don’t quite understand how people can spend excessive amount of money on a phone and not protect it. I know people that just toss them in their pockets with keys or whatever are they’re phones end up ruined after time. Even with new technologies like Gorilla Glass phones today still aren’t invincible. Every phone I’ve ever had has been kept in a case and had a screen protector on it because I like my gadgets to stay in good shape. My latest phone, the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is no exception it’s a great phone and it deserves the best. The best would be pretty much anything from Otterbox, at least that’s my opinion. A week or so ago I reviewed the Impact from Otterbox for the Captivate, today I have the Commuter Series case which offers additional protection in the form of a hard shell case and silicone casing.

The Commuter Series case comes packaged well.

commuter1 commuter2

When you open the box you can pull the insert out and find the case attached to it.


Under the case is a small cardboard folded package that contains the screen protector.


Inside the package you’ll find the screen protector, instructions, cleaning cloth and plastic card.


The Commuter Series case is in two parts a silicone casing and a hard plastic outer shell.

commuter5 commuter6

The back of the hard casing has the Otterbox logo and it looks to be a wood grain pattern.


The Silicone part is very soft and flexible yet it’s fairly thick.



Samsung Captivate Commuter Series Case


Getting the right case for your Samsung Captivate is of the utmost importance! You definitely want to keep this sweet device safe from scratches, bumps and dust—without adding too much bulk. The OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Captivate is just what you need. Three slender, tailor-fit layers caress your phone with top-quality protection and sleek styling.

About our Commuter Series: Three slender, yet sturdy layers offer tough protection in a sleek package. With a slim form factor and smooth outer layer, this case slides easily in and out of a pocket, purse or bag.

Compatibility: Samsung Captivate (SGH-i897)
* Access to all buttons and features
* Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports
* Includes a self-adhering protective film

* Self-adhering clear screen protector
* Durable silicone skin
* High-quality polycarbonate outer shell

Environmental Protection:
Case provides added protection against bump and shock. This case is NOT protective against water.

Price: $34.95

Normally I’d install the screen protector first, but since I recently reviewed the Otterbox Impact I already have that screen protector on it. When I installed the protector I had no problems, it’s nice and stiff so it applies easily.

The instructions for getting your phone in the Commuter Series case are actually printed inside of the box, I didn’t even notice until later.


The first thing you need to do is slip the silicone case on the Captivate, very easy to do, it’s flexible so it just slips right in.

commuter9 commuter11

On the top of the silicone casing you’ll find a flap or protective door that seals the audio port.

commuter12 commuter14

Once you get the silicone case on you can then snap the phone into the plastic housing. It takes a bit of work, but it goes in and it will stay in there. On the right and left side the buttons are protected as well.

commuter15 commuter17

On the bottom is the hole for the microphone.


Then on the back you’ll find that both the camera and speaker are opened.

commuter18 commuter19

The Otterbox Commuter Series case is nice, and it should provide a lot of protection for the Captivate.

The Impact case I reviewed before was all silicone and thicker so it collected dust and lint, and being silicone it was a bit hard to get in and out of your pocket. The Commuter though has a plastic casing over the silicone making it not do any of those things.

The Commuter case is not as thick, or at least it doesn’t feel at thick but yet it should offer the same amount if not better protection for the phone house inside. I also noticed that the Commuter case covers less of the screen area too, not that it actually covered any of the screen in the first place, just part of the glass.

commuter1 commuter4 commuter9 commuter18


If you need a case that will provide excellent protection for you phone, then you can’t go wrong with an Otterbox.

The Commuter Series for the Captivate will provide a lot of protection for your phone all around.  The case pretty much protects everything about your phone for damage from minor bumps and scrapes. The case allows you to access all functions of the phone with no problems, and it doesn’t add much bulk overall.


+Excellent quality
+Includes screen protector
+Case offers great protection
+Protects buttons and ports
+Most all of screen is wide open
+Easy to use

-None really

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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    I noticed that the other two otterbox cases are noted as “recommended”. What about this one?

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