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Today I have something a bit different for review, it’s a watch, but not just any watch as it’s from a company called Happy Hour Timepieces. The name of the watch is The Ish and the idea behind this companies watches is happy hour or 5pm when the work day ends and you finally get chance to relax and enjoy happy hour as it were. The Ish watch is very unique in two ways specifically, the first is that the dial is actually hazy or foggy except for the magical number 5 which is all that counts right?! The second thing that makes The Ish unique is that it has a built-in bottle opener, the clasp is actually heavy duty and it’s designed to open a bottle with just a twist of your wrist. Those are just two things, but overall the The Ish is very nice, it’s well made and it looks great. Read on to learn more..





Specifications and Features

The Ish

When the work day ends and play begins, keeping track of time can get a little… well… fuzzy. We can relate. So we’ve designed the perfect wingman for your happy hour revelry. Introducing “approximate” time telling at its finest: crystal clear when matters most, and a little less focused the rest of the time.

Watch Dimensions: Face is 42MM in diameter


Case: Brushed or black IP stainless steel, screw back case, 100m water resistant
Dial: Matte dial, raised Arabic markers
Crystal: Frosted mineral crystal with a window for 5 o’clock
Hands: Hour and minute disc with printed splash graphic
Crown: Stainless steel crown with Happy Hour enamel logo
Strap: Calfskin with genuine leather lining
Buckle: Patented Happy Hour buckle
Movement: Japanese Miyota 2036

Price: $99.99

**On sale for $99.99 for a limited time. Regular Retail is $149.99**


The Review


Let’s start with a video unboxing for you, and then we’ll go on with the rest of the review itself.




As you saw in the video, The Ish comes in an interesting looking box, it’s round and it has information on it about the watch. The lettering on the box is the same as above in the specs section, ‘When the work day ends…’

ish1 ish2


When you open the box you’ll be greeted with a foam piece of padding and under that is the watch nestled in more foam for protection.

ish3 ish4


The Ish I got for review is orange and silver in color but you can get it in black and silver and black and black.  I wasn’t sure about the orange color but after a while I found I liked it as it’s different.  The band is calfskin and leather, the front being calfskin and the back being leather. (I always thought calfskin was leather, but what do I know?!) The Ish is a nice looking watch overall that I think is well made and designed.


Here’s a close up of the face and you can see it’s foggy or hazy and only the number 5 is clearly seen as that’s what’s important.



The hands are dots, a small dot of minutes and a large dot for hours. The odd thing to me about his watch is that at five o’clock the number is actually covered up by the splotch. It just seems odd to me, but I didn’t design the watch.

ish15 ish16


The first thing I noticed about the watch is that it’s heavy which I found is that it’s because the actual watch is a thick piece of stainless steel metal. The watch is kind of plain but yet it’s attractive I think. The Ish is also water resistant down to 100 meters which could come in handy for everyday life.



On the opposite side watch is the winder, but it’s not really a winder of course as it’s battery operated. To set the time you pull it out and adjust it to the correct time, very simple. The knob has the Happy Hour logo on it and it’s nice and large making it easy to use.

ish12 ish11


The clasp is big, but it’s supposed to be as it’s a bottle opener and you’ll see the Happy Hour logo here as well.


ish6 ish7


On the Happy Hour Timepieces website you’ll find instructions for using the bottle opener and I grabbed a screenshot to show you. Yes I did use it to open bottles with and it is very easy, I got it right the first time I tried.



Here is the back of the watch band where you can see the Happy Hour Timepieces logo along with the words genuine leather.

ish9 ish10


The only problem I found with the watch is the band and it seems to be wearing too fast, or faster than I would expect. I wore The Ish but not everyday and not all day long, but yet the band is starting to wear where the clasp touches it. I don’t think that’s a good thing, the band is supposed to be calfskin with a leather backing and I would think it would be more resilient than it is for me. It seems the coloring layer is coming off and it might be an isolated incident as I didn’t find any other reports of it online.

ish18 ish19





The Ish from Happy Hour Times is certainly a unique watch that guys will like, it not only looks great but it can come in handy opening that ice cold one at the end of a hard work day.

The watch itself has a unique look to it, The Ish has a hazy of foggy lens and it’s made that way with only the number 5 being shown clearly as the rest of the day really doesn’t matter much.

Overall I really like the looks of The Ish watch, the contrast between the shiny and rugged stainless steel and the orange colored band is striking and will most certainly draw attention to itself and you.

The Ish is very well made, it seems and even looks ruggedly made really, it’s a man’s watch for sure. The watch is water resistant to 100m which is great for swimming or everyday use.

The design of The Ish well thought out, it’s easy to use thanks to the large winder which makes it very easy to use. Many watches have small winder on them that is hard to use for a guys hands, but one on The ish is very large and easy to grasp for setting the time.

I should note The Ish is normally priced at $149.99 but for a limited time it’s only $99.99, which even at $150 I think it’s a good deal, but at $100 it’s an even better deal.

The band issue I think is limited to just the watch I received for review as I couldn’t find any other complaints anywhere about the wearing. I’m not too concerned about it honestly.






+Looks great
+Bottle opener works perfectly
+Well made
+Easy to use
+Unique design

-Band is wearing prematurely

Grades: 9 out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

To learn more about our review policy please visit this page HERE.

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