Review of Griffin IntelliCase for iPad 2

For today’s review we will be looking at an iPad 2 case from Griffin. The IntelliCase is a folio style designed to be low-profile. It is composed of a hard polycarbonate shell on the back and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. Griffin designed the IntelliCase to work in either an upright or incline position for viewing the screen or typing on the virtual keyboard.

The Griffin IntelliCase arrives in a white cardboard box. On the front of the package we see images of the case along with a flap on the front of the package which widths up to reveal the IntelliCase within. The back shows additional views of the case inaction along with a list of features.

Griffin IC 01 

Griffin IC 02 Griffin IC 03

Opening the package reveals the IntelliCase. The case comes in one color, black and has a very low profile. Looking at the front cover you’ll notice three foldable panels similar to the Apple designed Smart Cover. This front cover is made of the flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. On the bottom right corner is an embossed Griffin logo.

Griffin IC 04 Griffin IC 05

Flipping the case onto its back we find the hard polycarbonate shell designed to protect the back of the iPad 2. Surrounding this hard shell are openings for the various inputs on the iPad 2 as well as a slot for folding the front cover onto the back of the case. Another Griffin logo is found over this slot.

Griffin IC 06 Griffin IC 07

Opening up the IntelliCase reveals the iPad 2 cradle which is a shiny black finish with the words Griffin and IntelliCase printed in the center. The front cover attaches to the left side of this cradle via two rubber tabs. The iPad 2 is held in place by four corner clips.

Griffin IC 08

Griffin IC 09 Griffin IC 10

The inside front cover looks exactly the same as the front, there are no pockets or sleeves found here. The inner cover also has built in magnets to help activate the iPad 2 using the Smart Cover feature.


Griffin IntelliCase

A marriage of protective polycarbonate (to protect the back of your iPad 2) and flexible TPU (to protect your Multi-Touch display).

Fold the flexible cover back to make an upright workstand (great for reading and watching slideshows or videos), or lay it down at just the right incline for touching and tapping and typing. Strategically placed magnets in the cover activate the magnetic sensors of your iPad, to automatically wake when the case is opened, and sleep when it’s closed. The micro-textured surface is easy to grip and pampers your iPad, inside and out.


  • Hard-shell polycarbonate case protects the back of your iPad 2

  • Flexible TPU cover protects your Multi-Touch display

  • Cover folds into 2-position (upright or inclined) workstand

  • Automatically wakes your iPad when you open it, sleeps when you close it

  • For installation simply snap the iPad 2 into the Griffin IntelliCase. Removal is just as easy, carefully pry one of the corners off the iPad 2 and slide it out.

    Griffin IC 11 Griffin IC 12

    Since the IntelliCase has a low profile, the iPad 2 resting inside maintains its svelte form factor. The front cover folds onto itself and tucks into the back of the case to allow the IntelliCase to function as an upright or incline stand. The Apple version of the Smart Cover uses magnets to lock the cover into a stand formation which is a much more elegant solution than tucking the cover into the back of the case.

    Griffin IC 13 Griffin IC 14 Griffin IC 15 Griffin IC 16

    One thing I did notice was when the front cover is flipped over the back of the iPad 2 the magnets would occasionally turn off the screen.

    All of the ports and controls on the iPad 2 are easily accessible with the IntelliCase in place. The back of the case protects the metal back of the iPad 2 with openings for the camera on the rear, headphone jack, microphone, power button, mute switch and volume controls.

    Griffin IC 17

     Griffin IC 18 Griffin IC 19 

    The Griffin IntelliCase will protect the iPad 2 from superficial harm but don’t expect the IntelliCase to replace your OtterBox any time soon.

    Griffin IC 20

    Griffin IC 01 Griffin IC 04 Griffin IC 11 Griffin IC 15 


    The Griffin IntelliCase is well-designed utilitarian case. It is by no means the perfect iPad 2 case but it does its job well. Its hard plastic shell will keep the iPad 2 safe from minor to moderate trauma. The Smart Cover capability is nice additional feature as it makes interacting with the iPad 2 “much more magical”.

    While its style is not very unique it still is a sleek looking iPad 2 case that many would be proud to carry around. It can function as both an upright stand and as an inclined keyboard stand.

    Considering buying the cheapest Apple Smart Cover version and a matching case shell would cost more than the $59 retail price tag, the Griffin IntelliCase is a good value.




    +Low profile
    +Smart Cover enabled
    +Functions as work stand

    -Not the most unique design
    -Magnetic smart cover can be active with the cover flipped over
    -Only one color choice

    Overall score-8-10
    Design score-8-10
    Performance score-8-10

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