Review of Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse 2014 Model

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I have myself a new favorite mouse. Over my numerous years of reviewing products I’ve of course had the chance to review many mice of all shapes and sizes but the one I have today is the best so far I think. The mouse is the Nascita from Feenix and it’s what I would call a no frills gaming mouse. What I mean by that is you won’t find any special software, or weight kit or interchangeable sides or really anything but the mouse itself and that’s not a bad thing at all. The Nascita is designed for gaming with the focus being on gaming plain and simple, it just works and looks great. Like all gaming mice these days the Nascita does allow you to change DPI from 800 all the way up to 8200 and there’s even an LCD display to let you know what you’re set on at a glance. Inside of the mouse you’ll find an Avago 9800 laser chipset and Omron switches that are rated for ten million clicks. The mouse is weighted and balanced and features an anti-sweat and anti-slip surface to make sure you have a good grip all the time. Read on to learn more…





Let’s start the unboxing off with a video and then the regular pictures below:



The packaging for the Feenix Nascita is what I what call subtle or subdued, it’s very plain, nothing flashy about it at all, it’s just a white box with the Feenix logo on the front and then some very minimal information on the back. I think it’s a very nice presentation over all, the packaging doesn’t have to be flashy to make a statement.

nascita1 nascita2


When you open the box you’re greeted with a soft sponge type packing material under which is the Nascita itself snug inside of a felt lined formed plastic shell.

nascita3 nascita4


Once everything is unpacked you won’t find much at all, the mouse, an extra set of mouse skates and then a support card which has your very own support contact name and email. Yes you get your own personal support contact at Feenix.



The skates are shaped oddly, but they match the mouse and it’s nice to see an extra pair included for sure. The skates are made of Teflon for slickness and durability. The USB cable is nice and long and rather thick, the cable is braided for durability and it ends in a gold plated USB connector for excellent conductivity. The cable also comes with a Velcro tie attached to the cable to keep things neat and organized.

nascita6 nascita7


The Nascita is black and gray in color and it features an anti-sweat and anti-slip surface, it has a rubberized feel to it. On the back you’ll see the Feenix logo nice and large which, when the mouse is powered on, will light up white. The Nascita is also water/beverage resistant which is something I don’t think I’ve ever heard of in a gaming mouse.


nascita14 nascita15


The Nascita is ergonomically shaped at an angle and can be used by gamers with palm, claw or semi-claw grip and it’s only for right handed users. The front has what I like to call headlights, on the bottom of the front you’ll find two sort of rectangular shaped white LEDs.



On the top of the Nascita you’ll find a nice large scroll wheel with a rubber textured coating on it. Behind the scroll wheel you’ll find two silver buttons to adjust the DPI settings up and down. Off to the right side is the Nascita name and the LCD panel that will display the DPI.

nascita12 nascita13


The right side has a label that says Feenix Nascita auth ref. 120413.



The left side has two nice large buttons for forward and back browser controls.



Here’s the bottom where you can see the Teflon feet and their shapes. The interesting thing about the bottom is that it’s so plain, why it’s interesting, I don’t know, to me it is as it just struck me that way. The bottom just has the name and some technical info and there’s a nice texture to it as well.





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