Review of Dry Doc Digi 2 Water Proof Case

It’s Friday and I’ve got a quick review for you of a product that’s meant to offer protection to your electronic gadgets like phones and MP3 players from water, dust and pretty much anything else. It’s called the Dry Doc Digi 2 and it’s from a company Seattle Sports. It’s a simple product that’s very easy to use, it’s basically  a zip style thick plastic bag, but it has straps built in to protect from loss or damage from being dropped.

The Dry Doc Digi 2 comes packaged on just a hanger style cardboard backing.

drydoc1 drydoc2

The case is basically a zip style bag, but it’s heavy duty and puncture resistant.  It has five parts to it, a velcro style wrap, velcro pad, a spring cord with clips on each end a secure wrap and the case itself.

drydoc3 drydoc4 drydoc5 drydoc6


Dry Doc Digi 2

Sized for an iPhone in it’s protective case, larger smart phones, and digital cameras.  A sure grip handle strap gives a better hold in slick conditions, while the PakBand and safety lanyard quick-access lashing system provide security.

By storing each gadget in a DryDocs case you can ensure that sand, snow and water are kept away from sensitive electronic circuits. DryDocs cases are designed to allow you to continue to use your devices while keeping them safe and protected. Several cases feature handles for easy gripping and have safety lanyards so you can attach your gear to your backpack, coat or belt loop for safekeeping. DryDocs cases are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit all electronic devices. Built with a thick, eco-friendly PVC-Free film, DryDocs are puncture and slash proof. A positive-snap Ziploc type closure also makes them easy to use.

MSRP: $14.95

So, to test the Dry Doc 2 I put my phone in it which is a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.

drydoc7 drydoc8

It fit just fine in the Dry Doc 2 and I could access most of the functions, I can make calls yes, but I found that pushing certain buttons actually pushes another button. Like when I pressed the home button the Search button would light up like I pressed it and search would open.  Why, I don’t know. I think part of the problem is the Seattle Sports logo as it sits right on the buttons of my phone.
I don’t think it’s a major problem that you can’t access everything, after I don’t think you’ll be playing games etc with the case on, but you can make and receive phone calls.

The case seems very well made, it’s simple but it works fine.

I also put my phone in the Dry Doc Digi 2 with the Otterbox Impact case on it, it was a tight fit but it made it.


drydoc1 drydoc4 drydoc7 drydoc8


If you’re the outdoorsy type then I think you might want to think about getting one of these cases for your travels. It will protect your phone or any other small electronic device that you may carry with you. The Dry Doc Digi 2 will protect your devices form water, dust and other things you may come across while being outdoors. The case is well made, the plastic is thick and you can easily slip your phone right into it. The straps provide further protection form loss or damages from being dropped. Overall it’s not a bad product and for $14.95 I think it’s worth it for the protection it offers your gadgets.

The straps allow you to attach it to most anything like your backpack or any other camping or outdoor equipment.


+Tough and durable
+Includes straps so you don’t lose your phone or device
+Protects phone or device from water, dirt etc

-May interfere with advanced uses

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

To learn more about our review policy please visit this page HERE.

  • Uberguest

    What is wrong with putting a phone into a zip-loc baggy? Seems to me to be the same thing, only 100 times cheaper.

    Heck, with the zip-loc, you can “double-bag” it and still come in at 50 times cheaper.

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