Review of Denon AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphones

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Today for review I’ve got another Denon product, another set of headphones only this time it’s their AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphones. Normally these aren’t my style, I much prefer in-ear ear buds but regular headphones like these have their place especially for gaming. These headphones though sound amazing, and they have very comfortable ear pads. I think you’ll be impressed with the sound quality surely, I know I am.

The AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphones come in a plastic box and inside you’ll find a plastic tray with the headphones and documentation.

denonhead2 denonhead1 denonhead3

The headphones themselves seem fairly well made, but they’re mostly plastic. The plastic makes them very lightweight yes, but it makes them feel rather cheap honestly.


The headband is padded and adjustable.

denonhead6 denonhead7

The speakers or the actual headphones are nicely padded, and they swivel and rotate.

denonhead5 denonhead8 denonhead9 denonhead10 denonhead11

There is an in-line remote as well for control of volume and play/pause, but it’s only if you use an Apple device that all of the functions work.



AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphones

Comfortable Over-Ear Headphones With iPhone/iPod Control
Part of Denon’s exclusive Mobile Elite series, the AH-D510R over-ear headphones combine our latest technologies with an inline three button remote that can control select iPod and iPhone models, and includes a microphone that lets you record voice memos with select iPod models and answer calls with select iPhone models. With the inline remote, you can control volume level as well as play, pause, forward and back functions.

Exclusive Denon Technologies For Ultimate Sound Quality
The AH-D510R features Denon’s Acoustic Optimizer system, which provides equal ambient air pressure on both sides of the diaphragm for naturally balanced sound. In addition, the earpieces feature Denon’s exclusive Hybrid Metal Housing technology, which combines machined aluminum alloy with resonance-free resin to provide the ideal combination of lightness and acoustical rigidity.

42mm Diaphragms With Neodymium Magnet Structures
Equipped with large diameter 42mm diaphragms, the AH-D510R features powerful Neodymium magnets that provide extremely high efficiency for reduced power consumption, extending the battery life of your portable music player or computer. The large diameter contoured diaphragms exhibit resonance-free characteristics, all the way from the lowest lows to the highest highs.

Contoured Comfort Fit Headband; Newly Developed Earpads
For optimum comfort even over extended listening sessions, the AH-D510R features a contour fitted headband that provides the ideal combination of support and lightness, and the newly developed earpads feature softness and compliance for supreme listening comfort.

MSRP $99.99

Like the last set of Denon ear buds I reviewed, I tried the AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphones with my Zune HD, Samsung Captivate and my Apple iPod nano 5th.


They are called over-ear headphones but they’re more like on the ear, or at least on part of my ears, they didn’t fully fit over my ears. Not a big deal I guess though, just an observation. The ear pads are nice and soft making them very comfortable for long periods of use.

Like the Denon earbuds, the remote works fine with Apple devices and I could use the play/pause button with my Android phone.

The sound is excellent seriously. The bass is very pronounced, when you turn up the volume the earphones actually vibrate but there’s not distortion. The treble or highs are very good as well. I listen to many types of music and I found that everything sounded very good.

denonhead2 denonhead3 denonhead4 denonhead5

The sound from the Denon AH-D510R Over-Ear Headphones is just amazing, truly, you can tell that Denon pays attention to the speaker design. The AH-D150R headphones offer a nice full sound experience that most anyone will appreciate I’m sure.

One small issue is that the overall quality of the headphones feels rather cheap. I’m not saying they are, they’re not, they seem well made, but just a lot of plastic and honestly I’d be afraid to break them if I took them anywhere.


+Excellent sound
+Foldable for storage
+In-line remote, works well
+Nice long cable

-Mostly plastic, cheap feeling
-No carrying case included

Overall score-9-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-10-10

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