Review of Colcasac Jack Bauer Shoulder Bag

If you are an environmentally conscious technology user then today’s product should have a lot of appeal. Colcasac is a company with a focus on being environmentally friendly. Their philosophies include smart materials, minimalist design and healthy products.

For today’s review we will be looking at the bag with a name you have to respect – the Jack Bauer Shoulder Bag; like the 24 TV show’s star this is one tough messenger style bag. It is composed of heavy duty organic hemp which is soft to the touch and can support up to a 17” laptop.

Plus Colcasac is running a Back to School special offering 20% off and free shipping until Sept 7th.


Jack Bauer Shoulder Bag

Our most durable protection for your gear. Made from un-dyed organic hemp canvas. Works well both for work, school and travel.

The Jack Bauer features a durable, un-dyed, all natural, heavy duty organic hemp basket weave canvas exterior and is lined with a very soft 100% recycled polyester fleece lining. The Jack Bauer features the thickest and most raw hemp canvas we can find. This canvas is also very soft to the touch.


  • Will hood up to a 17? laptop
  • 15×10.5×4.5 inch exterior
  • Pockets 1 zippered and 2 other interior pockets
  • Weighs 2 pound 4 ounces


  • Soft-but-strong, heavy duty, 100% organic hemp canvas
  • Colored with non-toxic, low-impact dyes
  • No formaldehyde or PBDEs
  • 100% recycled, extremely soft polyester fleece
  • Velcro thinner & quieter than traditional

Price: $160

The Jack Bauer Shoulder Bag arrives in a simple mailer; no wasted packaging or plastic keeping with Colcasac’s environmentally friendly policies. It is composed of a heavy-duty organic hemp basket weave canvas that comes in one style. The hemp material has a burlap potato sack appearance. The bag’s material is solid and well constructed with white stitching around the perimeter of the satchel. The Jack Bauer measures 15” × 10.5” × 4.5” inch and weighs 2 lbs 4 oz.

On the bottom right of the front flap is a stitched ColcaSac tag, otherwise the Jack Bauer is beige all over. A thick black adjustable shoulder strap comes from the top corners of the bag. There are no outer pockets on this shoulder bag, which may be a drawback to some.

Colcasac01 Colcasac02

 Colcasac03 Colcasac04 

Lifting the front flap reveals a white strip of Velcro parallel to the top inner edge. The front of the inner bag has three parallel Velcro strips, which run perpendicular to the front flap one. A zippered front pocket is found just above these Velcro strips. This pocket is the length of the front of the bag and can store numerous smaller items such as phones, chargers, pencils, etc.


Colcasac06 Colcasac07 

Colcasac08 Colcasac09

On the sides of the main compartment are two narrow pockets.


Looking at the main compartment of the Jack Bauer Shoulder Bag we see some wool like material that is actually a 100% recycled polyester fleece lining which you would swear came off a sheep’s back. This lining keeps the users contents from getting scratched while also providing protection from shocks or bumps.


A smaller zipper pocket with the stitched ColcaSac logo is found along the back of the bag. Towards the front are two small open pockets. The main compartment is one large open space with no dividers to separate one’s laptop from the rest of the contents.

Colcasac12 Colcasac13

 Colcasac14 Colcasac15

The bottom of the bag is padded with a soft cushiony material.

Overall the bag is solidly constructed with a classic appearance that does not scream tech bag.


For testing I carried around my MacBook Air along with my iPad, Canon S95 camera and some other papers and items. Everything fit easily in the bag. The strap was wide and comfortable around my shoulders or slung across my chest – messenger bag style. The lack of a top zipper made me nervous about the contents sliding out but the Velcro on the front stayed closed until I was ready to access the contents.


One thing I noticed is that the bag was rather “floppy”, meaning the bag needed its contents to keep its form. My personal preference is that my laptop bags keep their elongated form. For instance when the laptop came out the bag would become oval shaped reminiscent of a pocket book.


Colcasac01 Colcasac03 Colcasac05 Colcasac17


For those who are environmentally conscious and appreciate a well-made shoulder bag, then the ColcaSac Jack Bauer model is an excellent choice. While it is on the expensive side, the good news is for the next few days ColcaSac is running a Back to School special bringing the price down by 20% along with free shipping. The bag is well constructed and will protect the user’s electronic devices from harm.

Personally I like the Jack Bauer Shoulder Bag but I did have a few personal preference issues with the bag’s “floppiness”, absence of a main compartment divider and the lack of a zipper closure for the main compartment. Still I will be carrying around this bag like its namesake Jack Bauer, just without the violence.



+Made from environmentally friendly materials
+Fleece lined
+Holds up to 17” laptops

-Lack of closure for main compartment such as zipper

Overall score-9-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-8-10

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