Review of Capdase 320A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag

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I’ve taken a look at plenty of camera bags in my time reviewing products and it has always amazed me at how different they really are. Well that’s not quite right, they’re the same in most ways but still different in their styles and functionality. Today for review Love Cases has sent me over the Capdase 320A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag which is made for large DSLR cameras but of course can be used with any type of camera as well. The MKeeper has plenty of room for even the largest DSLR and its accessories like lenses, batteries and memory cards. The bag even has an integrated rain shield so you can be sure your equipment is protected no matter the weather.


Capdase 320A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag

The Capdase mKeeper camera bag has been beautifully designed to hold and protect your SLR camera. It features several moveable compartment dividers which allows you to securely hold the camera body and 2 lenses and an external flash, for the tightest fit, which provides the best protection.

The case is made from a strong nylon, and has a rainproof cover in the back-pocket to keep it perfectly dry. The bag has a comfortable shoulder strap, which is fully adjustable and removable, belt clips and a padded carrying handle, so you have lots of options when carrying around this mKeeper camera bag.

- Ultra-strong nylon material provides excellent protection for your camera and accessories
- Inner padding provides knock and bump resistance
- Rain cover is included, so your equipment stays totally dry when it rains
- Can be carried by a comfortable grab handle, or an adjustable should strap with non-slip patch
- Features inner and outer pockets, with zips, so you can store your accessories securely
- Strong rubber feet protect the contents from impact when placed on the ground

- Perfect for medium – large sized Digital SLR cameras
- Space for memory cards, filters, batteries, lenses and a flash
-Internal size: 320 X 160 X 200 mm
-External size: 350 X 200 X 230 mm

Price: £29.99 / $48.20

There’s no special packaging for this product, just a plastic bag, not much else is needed.


The bag is nylon and it’s gray in color with a handle on the top.

mkeep3 mkeep2

On the back is what looks like a pocket but it isn’t actually, inside is a waterproof cover that you stretch and pull over the entire case.

mkeep4 mkeep5

On the bottom of the case you’ll find rubber non-slip feet for protection and support.


The top flap is usually something that you open to reveal the interior but that’s not so with this case. The flap is held on with velcro and it opens to show two zippered compartments, one on the front with smaller pockets and then the main area of the case.

mkeep7 mkeep8

When you open up the main flap you’ll be greeted with three section and inside you’ll find the shoulder strap. The top flap actually has its own netted pocket for any other accessories you might need.

mkeep9 mkeep10

The shoulder strap is long and features a padded section for comfort. The strap attaches to hook on the side of the case with metal clips.

mkeep11 mkeep12

So back to the inside, you’ll find three compartments with dividers between them.


The center compartment has a a ‘U’ shaped divider for lens support.


The right and left compartments have rectangular dividers.

mkeep15 mkeep16

All of the dividers, including the main ones are attached with velcro and can be moved as needed so you can configure the bag for your specific needs.


I used the bag with a Canon 10D, T3 and Lens along with other accessories.


Once I got the camera and parts in the case I found there’s plenty of room for even the largest of cameras.

mkeep19 mkeep20


 mkeep21 mkeep22

The case offers a lot of protection for your camera and components, they should be well protected.


It’s a camera case, you put stuff in it, there’s not much more to say really.

mkeep2 mkeep3 mkeep9 mkeep12 

The Capdase 320A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag is truly a versatile bag that should be more than enough to handle all of your photographic needs. Yes it’s a rather large bag but it’s meant to be as the cameras meant to go in it are large, but you don’t need to use it for DSLR cameras you can use it pretty much any camera as well. The bag is more than big enough to carry your camera, batteries, lenses, memory cards and many other accessories you might need to bring along with you for a day of shooting photos.

The case is nicely made of durable nylon and includes a handy rain cover built right into the case itself to offer protection from the elements. You’ll be able to take the bag with you no matter what the conditions and your equipment will be safe and secure in the Capdase 320A MKeeper Camera Bag.


+Plenty of room for all your photography needs
+Includes padded shoulder strap
+Space inside can be arranged as needed
+Includes built-in rain cover

-None really

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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    Camera bags come in all shapes and sizes to fit a variety of photography equipment. Besides making it easy to carry all your photography gear, a good camera bag will protect your equipment from getting knocked around and damaged by dust or moisture.

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