Review of Booq Boa Squeeze 15 inch Laptop Backpack


The Review Continued


On the front center of the Squeeze is a zippered pocket for tickets or whatever else small. It’s a thinner style pocket, but you could fit a phone or MP3 player too.

squeeze10 squeeze11


On the top of the bag you’ll find the separate handle along with another zippered pocket.

squeeze9 squeeze19


From this view you can again see the rounded shape of the Boa Squeeze.



This pocket has a soft felt like lining and it would be great for a phone or an MP3 player or anything you need quick access to.



The main compartment is secured closed with dual zippers, all of the zippers on the bag as nice and large and heavy duty.



The entire front opens up with the dual zippers.



The front section of the interior has pockets of its own, two of them, one zippered and one elastic mesh.

squeeze22 squeeze23


On the laptop side or back of the bag you’ll find three more smaller pockets along with as space for a pen and then the larger padded section for your laptop which is secured closed with an nylon strip velcro closure. The inside main compartment also expands so you can fit books or other accessories along with the laptop.



My laptop has a 14.1” screen and it fits perfectly secured inside of the Boa Squeeze.



The inside of the laptop compartment of course is padded and it’s lined with a soft non-scratching material.



The exterior and interior fabric are both water repelling material which is very important I think.

The Boa Squeeze is a smaller style bag, so you’re not going to be carrying a change of clothes and lots of other stuff with you. If you need to carry all of that there are other larger bags out there of course. This bag would be fine for school, a laptop and books are all that you would need for classes and they’ll fit just fine. The Boa Squeeze would be a great carry-on bag as well while travelling, put your laptop in there and other stuff and it will fit in the luggage compartment above your seat on a plane or even under the seat. The bag has multiple uses like any bag, whatever you can think of it use it for I’m sure it will work just fine.

I do have a couple small issues with the bag though and these are just trivial really, but still worth mentioning.

The first thing is that Boa Squeeze doesn’t stand up by itself. Due to its rounded design it just doesn’t stand up, it falls over, a flatter bottom would be nice.

The second thing is that there is no headphone pass-through if you’re using your MP3 player in the bag. The small pocket on top would be perfect for your MP3 player, but there’s no hole to pass the wires though. For me this doesn’t really matter that much as I’d most likely use wireless or Bluetooth headphones anyway, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

The last thing I want to cover is Terralinq.

One of the things included with the Boa Squeeze and every Booq bag is Terraliq which is a registration service so if you lose your bag it could possibly be returned to you.

Here’s a picture again of the metal tag on the Boa Squeeze. The tag is attached very well, I don’t see it ever falling off. I’ve owned my other Booq bag for over three years and the tag is still in place just fine.



To register your bag you just go to the Booq site and click the Terralinq button and you’ll be taken to their registration page or you can go directly to If you don’t have an account with them you’ll have to create one of course and you just enter your email and the number from the tag, then you’ll get and email from them with a link to continue the registration process.



I already have an account with them so I logged in and registered from there, same thing, email and number.



Once registered you’ll see all of your personal information and the bags you registered, from this page you can register more bags, change your info or report your bag lost or stolen. (I removed my personal info from the screenshots of course…)



If you lose your bag and someone finds it they can go to Terralinq and report the bag found to help reunite you with your lost bag.

In theory Terralinq is a great idea, but sadly chances are if you get your bag back it will be empty or missing the more expensive things. The Boa Squeeze does have a price of $130 so I guess getting the bag back is something anyway. You might get lucky and a decent person could find your bag though. So here’s hoping….

I haven’t owned the Booq Boa Squeeze that long obviously but I have owned the Booq Taipan Shadow XS since January 2010 and I’ve used it several times a week and sometimes more since then. I can tell you Booq makes quality bags as my Taipan Shadow XS is still in excellent condition overall and I still use it. The Taipan is a messenger style bag and the one small issue I had with it was that the round soft thin plastic frame around the flap popped through the material at one point on what I guess you would call a corner but it’s rounded, anyway I just clipped it off and it’s been fine since. Other than that little flaw the bag is still in perfect condition, for being over three and half years old I’d say that’s pretty good. All the zippers still work fine, and no wearing or tears or anything of that sort at all.



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