Logitech PlayGear Pocket Lite

Yesterday we looked at the Playgear Gear Pocket Slim for the PSP. Since we don’t want our Nintendo DS Lite friends to feel left out, today we will look at the PlayGear Pocket Lite. This case is also designed to protect the Nintendo handheld gaming system from trauma and includes the ability of personalization.

One difference from the PSP model is that the PlayGear Pocket Lite is able to store and protect up to four DS Lite games. Also, all the buttons and slots of the DS Lite can be accessed with the gaming system housed within the case. Otherwise, the DS Lite model has all the features of its PSP brethren.

We find the PlayGear Pocket Lite in a plastic rectangular package. In the front we see the case through the package with a surrounding white and green cardboard box with a picture of the Pocket Lite skinned with the green Logitech background. Turning over the box, one sees the features, contents and system requirements. Like the Playgear Pocket Slim for PSP, this package has a pre-perforated opening.

Once the package is open, we find the PlayGear Pocket Lite, two templates and instructions. The case is composed of a polycarbonate shell with a secure snap closure on the front edge. On the bottom right hand corner of the cover we see the Logitech logo in silver.

There are openings on the back side for the left and right triggers, along with an opening for the game cartridge and charging port. The right side has openings for easy access to the power switch and stylus. While the front has a cut out area for the headphone jack, volume switch and GameBoy Advance cartridge slot.

The inside of the PlayGear Pocket Lite has two white foam inserts. These are removable so that the user can personalize the case with a skin. On the inside of the top foam insert, we find four cut out squares which can store up to four DS Lite cartridges.

Logitech PlayGear Pocket Lite

* Polycarbonate construction: Put a shell of armor around your Nintendo DS Lite.
* Secure snap closure: Keep your Nintendo DS Lite safe and in place while on the go.

* Templates included for creating custom skins: Add your own personal style to your Nintendo DS Lite.

* Play-in-case design: Access all controls and connections – play without removing your Nintendo DS Lite from the case.
*Nintendo DS Lite game storage: Carry and protect up to four Nintendo DS Lite games.

Price: $19.99

Installation involves placing the Nintendo DS Lite into the PlayGear Pocket Lite. If you wish, you can place up to four game cartridges inside the inner top cover.

Here we see the openings to access the various functions of the DS Lite. Like its PSP version, the PlayGear Pocket Lite can be played with the game system residing within the case; although it does add a slight amount of bulk. My daughter prefers to remove the DS Lite from the case while playing.

Personalizing the PlayGear Pocket Lite involves tracing the template over a picture and then cutting it out. Unlike the PSP, I was unable to find prefabricated templates on the web. Since I used my daughter’s Nintendo DS Lite, I personalized the PlayGear Pocket Lite using some Mr. Men pictures.



The PlayGear Pocket Lite takes all the features of the the PlayGear Pocket Slim for the PSP and improves them. In addition to the ability to keep the Nintendo DS Lite safe and to personalize the case, the PlayGear Pocket Lite allows storage of up to four DS Lite games and gives access to all facets of the game system when housed within the case. The PSP version did not offer these last two features.

The only negative is that the case may make the DS Lite feel too big or unwieldy for little kid hands. Otherwise, this case is the perfect solution to protect ones Nintendo DS Lite and to add a personal flare.

Provides excellent protection
PersonalizableCan play DS Lite within the case
Stores up to four game cartridges


Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10
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