iCC72: Two-Tone Silicone Case for your iPhone 3G

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Today at technogog we will be looking at the last of the iLuv iPhone case of the trio we received for review: the iLuv iCC72. This case is the model up from the last iLuv case we examined the iLuv iCC71. Like the latter version, it is also a Silicone Case. It has the same shape and profile as the iLuv iCC71 but comes in Two Tone Version. In addition it has a ribbed side grip and is available in four colors including black, blue, pink and white.

Besides the coloring and a slightly thicker Silicone material the iLuv iCC72 is not much different than the other model. Its has the same thin profile that maintains the slim form factor of the iPhone 3G while providing a soft rubbery cushion to keep the phone from harm. As with the other two iPhone 3G cases iLuv includes a clear screen protector.

The iLuv iCC72 has the same packaging as the iCC71. The case is found in the center of a clear plastic package with a cardboard iPhone prop residing within the iCC72. We see the iLuv logo at the top of the white and blue cardboard insert and mention of the included Glare free protective film.

The back of the package lists the features for the iLuv iCC72 in eight different languages.

iLuviCC1 iLuviCC2 iLuviCC3 iLuviCC4

Inside the package is the case, a Glare Free protective film and the cardboard iPhone stand in. For this review we received the white version of the iCC72 which has a solid white face and a semi-translucent white silicone around the sides and back. The case measures 6.54 cm x 11.85 cm x 1.52 cm.

iLuviCC5 iLuviCC6

The back of the case has an iLuv logo with “Designed in New York” found at the bottom. We find the usual openings for the dock connector, volume buttons, mute switch, headphone jack, power switch and camera present on the iCC72.

iLuviCC7 iLuviCC8 iLuviCC9 iLuviCC10 iLuviCC11

The Glare Free protective film comes with a backing for the adherent portion.



iCC72: Two-Tone Silicone Case for your iPhone 3G

Perfect fit for your iPhone 3G
Protect your iPhone 3G from scratches
Full access to controls
Charge and Sync while in case
Glare-free protective film for touch screen included
What’s included:
Silicon Case for iPhone 3G
Protective Film

Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.57x 4.67x 0.6 (65.4mm x 118.5mm x 15.2mm)

Installation involves slipping the iLuv iCC72 over the iPhone 3G through the center opening on the case and snapping it around the phone. Once on, the iCC72 fits the iPhone 3G like a glove. The iPhone 3G keeps its shape and can be seen through the back and sides through the semi-translucent silicone. Like the iCC71, this model adds very little weight to the iPhone 3G.

The Glare Free Screen protector application is quick and simple. Remember to use gloves to keep any fingerprints off the tacky side of the protector. The Screen Protector is easily removed and does not leave behind any sticky residue. I have tested this a couple of times already with the previous iLuv reviews. Trust me, no residue.

The iCC72 has a notched side grip for improved hold over the smooth iCC71. Also the silicone on the back of the case is not as tacky as the sides. All of the switches, buttons and ports are easily accessible through the pre-cut openings on the case.

iLuviCC13 iLuviCC14 iLuviCC15 iLuviCC16 iLuviCC17

The silicone is not very thick meaning a fall from a moderate height is not advisable. However the silicone is thick enough to keep the iPhone 3G safe from everyday bumps and dings. As I mentioned in the previous iLuv review, silicone case are notorious for attracting dust and this version is no different.

iLuviCC18 iLuviCC19 iLuviCC20

My wife tested the case and switched from the larger profile Speck Fitted iPhone case to the iCC72 and found the iLuv model to be much more comfortable to use especially since she uses her iPhone 3G for long periods of time for business calls. She did notice that the white case was prone to getting dirty very easily. Overall, the iLuv iCC72 was light, comfortable and barely noticeable after the initial application.



For those who prefer softer cases over hard shells then the iLuv iCC72 is a fine option. It is a nice case which provides good protection and excellent gripability. For those concerned about colors, iLuv offers four choices. The only drawbacks are the dirt and dust factor and it is a little pricey compared to other silicone cases


Protects iPhone3G from everyday bumps
Slim form factor

Get dirty easily

Overall score-8-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-8-10
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