ZP600+ Glasses Free 3D Android Phone from Zopo Available Now

For some reason I really want one of these. Zopo has just announced the availability of the ZP600+ which is a glasses free 3D Android phone and it has some decent specs overall I think. It has a quad core 1.3Ghz CPU and a 4.3 inch screen but only 960×540 resolution, but it does have a 5mp rear camera and a 2mp front camera and it’s running Android 4.2. I checked and the price is only $189.99 which isn’t bad at all…


When you are using a smart phone, what do you consider most?

Hardware? Pixel? CPU?

Oh, no! If you are still trapped by these perimeters, you are definitely OUT! Now smart phones update quickly, and trends are homogenizing in the market, so we always need something new and funny to break free from outdated ideas.

Cool fashion always leads the trends during any century. Visual impact, a sense of self, fashion and high-end luxury, what do you think if these advantages combine into one? When many mobile phones factories have competing hardware devices against one another at this moment, ZOPO’s has broken tradition with its glasses-free 3D smart phone!

3D idea first started from the movies. Do you still remember a lovely 8-year-old boy called Russell in the 3D movie Up? Remember those jealous little toys in the 3D movie Toy Story? From 2009, unprecedented 3D movies appeared one-by-one and amazed audiences.

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Glasses-free 3D viewing is an intelligent technology that we use to display glasses-free 3D graphics and 3D movies. It makes what people see on screen appear even more realistic. What’s more, people can get rid of the shackles of glasses!

In China, ZOPO is the first brand that brought Glasses-free 3D technology to smart phones. Recently, they released the latest 3D smart phone, ZP600+ with a quad-core processor. This model adopts a 4.3 inch 1080P Full HD sharp AVS screen. Many customers who have experienced ZOPO glasses-free 3D phones gave great reviews. The smart phone can also watch 3D videos, and it is so cool, fashionable and exciting. There are no doubts that 3D technology is one of ZOPO’s specialties.

What’s more, ZOPO keeps carrying on and developing its glasses-free 3D smart phone idea. On March 28th, 2012, ZOPO released a smart phone, ZP200, which is the first glasses-free 3D smart phone in China. This brought 3D smart phones further to the public, and it influenced the market at that moment. Later ZP200 was updated with a dual-core processor, called ZP200+. And after half a year, ZOPO continued to release its second generation glasses free 3D smart phone with a dual core processor, the ZP600. After updating the technology, ZOPO released its latest glasses-free 3D smart phone, the ZP600+. Because of its innovation and constant changes, ZOPO seized the Chinese glasses-free 3D smart phone market successfully.

Cooperating with 3DVsta and 3Dplayer, thousands of 3D games and movies are available at any time on the ZOPO glasses-free 3D phones for users.

ZOPO is going to release the third generation glasses-free 3D smart phone with a 5.7 inch screen and new style. No doubts that it will bring more fun and something fresh to the smart phone market with its unique new 3D smart phone effects.

Glasses-free smart phones are coming, what are you waiting for? Join us for this 3D storm!




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