Locate Stolen or Missing Apple Computers With LocateMac

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LIGATT Security International announced today that their flag ship product LocatePC, the most downloaded computer tracking program on the Internet, is now available for Apple’s Macintosh computers.

LocateMac will enable a person to track their stolen computer anywhere in the world. It runs unobtrusively on a computer, without any icons or pop-ups. This invisible software is designed to work on all Apple computers and retails for $29.95 for a 1-year subscription.


LIGATT Security International creates and develops affordable products primarily for all business structures and the everyday consumer. Laptop security is an ongoing issue and LSI is dedicated to minimizing laptop and computer theft. The company has found that it is more important to an individual to be able to retrieve and protect sensitive data than for the actual retrieval of the personal computer.

"We have received more requests from our retailers for the Macintosh version of LocatePC," comments Tialer Maxwell, Director of Marketing for LocatePC and LocateMac. "We expect LocateMac to surpass sales of all our other products."

According to The New York Times, a new Intel study of laptop theft among businesses, the largest percentage of business laptops were lost when an employee was working out of the office, followed by when an employee was traveling. To add, the study has shown that about 40 percent of laptops were lost off-site, while another third were lost in transit or travel, like an airport, train station or in a taxi. Other laptop disappearances occurred in offices or without explanation.

LocateMac has all the features of LocatePC including:

  • Geolocation - LocatePC/Mac uses the most efficient and successful way to retrieve your lost or stolen computer. Using the mobile tracker and apps for the iPad and iPhone, you do not have to depend on the law enforcement during the recovery process. Receive alerts each time your computer’s IP address changes.
  • Video Snap Shot – If a person has a camera connected to their laptop, LocatePC/Mac will take snap shots every 30 seconds of the person and/or everything in the room. It will then add the pictures to the LocatePC/Mac Control Panel with a date and time stamp.
  • Key Logging – The ability to record all key strokes the thief types. For instance, if the thief logs in to their Facebook or Twitter account, you will have the ability to access their real name, username and passwords.
  • Text Message – The ability to set your computer to text message your cell phone or email you every time the computer’s IP Address changes.
  • Inventory – Attempting to track all the desktops, laptops, iPhones and iPads; along with current operating systems, memory, hard drive space and even their location can be difficult to say the least. LocatePC/Mac takes complete inventory of each device anywhere in the world.
  • Police/Insurance Report – If your computer is lost/stolen click 1 button and a detailed PDF report will be generated to send to the police or insurance company.
  • Unlimited Monitoring – To monitor 1, 2 or 2000 computers, you do not need multiple accounts. Monitor unlimited accounts with 1 username and password.
  • Text to Screen – The ability to send a message to your computer screen that the thief can read.
  • File Recovery – Once LocatePC/Mac is installed on the computer, set up folders you want constant access to. If your computer is stolen you can delete those specified files or feel comfortable knowing your sensitive information is protected from the thief wiping the hard drive.
  • iPad/iPhone – Stolen or Lost?? Track your computer right from your iPhone or iPad for free. Beginning April 1, 2011, track your iPad and iPhone FREE!

For more information about LocateMac visit www.LocateMac.com. For additional information about LIGATT Security International visit www.LIGATT.com, or follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/LIGATT and www.twitter.com/LocatePC .

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