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Not exactly tech related, but then yes it is and it’s certainly worth posting about, it is Lego after all. Legos will always have a special place in my heart, I spent many,many hours playing with them as a child. They are the ultimate rainy day toy. Computer/console games are great but nothing beats a good set or collection of Legos for having some serious fun. The latest addition to the Lego universe is ninjas! They’re called Ninjago and it’s a whole new toy line, but it’s also a new cartoon series as well on Cartoon Network starting the 14th of January, but that’s not all, apparently it’s going to be an MMO game and a card game!  Check out the screen shots and video below.

LEGO Systems, Inc. today announced Ninjago, its newest original property that combines the best of LEGO construction play, action-based competitive play and virtual gaming, all centered on an incredibly rich story inspired by martial arts lore, written by Hollywood heavyweights, Dan and Kevin Hageman.



Ninjago is the first LEGO property to deliver a story-driven universe where traditional LEGO building sets are a backdrop for an innovative buildable spinner that puts LEGO minifigures at the center of a new social competitive game concept that reinforces character and story while also engaging children who are more drawn to social action play than to construction.  Virtual gaming at, in a new content zone of LEGO Universe, and through a Nintendo DS game furthers engagement and unlocks information and skills that further the physical play. 



"Ninjago merges three distinct play patterns into one integrated experience that seamlessly blends physical and virtual play to reinforce character, story, competition and engagement for children," said Soren Torp Laursen, president, LEGO Systems.  "We’re very excited to put a new spin on LEGO play by opening a new world of creativity that caters perfectly to what today’s children expect from their play experiences."


Ninjago tells the story of four young ninja who train under the watchful eye of Sensei Wu to master an ancient martial art – Spinjitzu – to save the world from the evil Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army.  Spinjitzu masters are expert spinners – harnessing the power and momentum of spinning to overcome any obstacle.

To launch the story and enhance the building and spinning experience, Cartoon Network will air Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, a one-hour animated special that introduces the characters and conflicts of the Ninjago universe on Friday, January 14 at 6:00 pm EST.

Crux-Prime_Screen-09 Crux-Prime_Screen-31 Crux-Prime_Screen-34 Crux-Prime_Screen-65 Crux-Prime_Screen-96 LEGO Universe Crux-Prime_Key-Visual

Competitive play

Children can build on their spinners, add their minifigures, use the trading cards to influence the outcome of the battle and choose their battle accessories before starting each Spinjitzu match.  Six collectible spinners are available now, with 10 more slated across launches in April and August.  Each includes a spinner base, minifigure, accessories and a set of strategy cards for $9.99.

Construction play

Seven richly detailed building sets, centered on the storied locations of the Ninjago legend, are available now, ranging in price from $4.99 to $69.99.  Four more play sets launch in August, ranging from $19.99 to $119.99.


LEGO Universe, the company’s massively-multiplayer online game, will offer more ways to engage in the Ninjago legend by unlocking a new adventure zone, Crux Prime – the largest zone ever discovered in-game.  The new zone is filled with fresh challenges and an original Ninjago storyline that will continue to unfold throughout the year and beyond so that LEGO Universe players can enjoy the fun of Spinjitzu masters online.

LEGO Universe players will discover over 100 new missions and achievements within the vast Crux Prime zone, as well as over 100 new pieces of gear, decals and weapons to collect and share with friends in-game.

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