ARCHOS Unveils New Android and Windows Phones and Tablets at IFA 2014

Ok I want one. Check this out, Archos just announced a Windows 8.1 tablet with quad core for only $149. Sign me up for one of those please! Anyway, there’s  more than just the new Windows tablets, there’s Windows phones and Android phones  and tablets.  The press release below can tell you everything, it’s easier that way, there’s info, prices and pictures…

ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android™ devices, unveils its upcoming lineup of smartphones, tablets and connected objects designed to “democratize” technology during IFA 2014.  ARCHOS’ products; including the new Platinum smartphones, 101 Oxygen tablets, Microsoft OS smartphone and tablets, and connected objects; features a balanced blend of performance, design and affordability. 

“Our upcoming lineup of consumer products delivers amazing performance, superior design and impressive affordability,” says Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS.  “We are committed to making technology universally available and are proud to shape the market by providing high quality, yet attainable devices.”

Reinventing Smartphones



ARCHOS’ newest smartphone, the ARCHOS 50b Platinum, offers a balanced mobile experience for only $149.  Powered by a blazing fast Quad Core processor, the smartphone features an ultra-bright 5-inch IPS screen, dual SIM support, full HD video encoding capability, and ultra-precise 8 MP with autofocus back and 2 MP front cameras with integrated LED flash.

Available in September, the ARCHOS 50b Platinum comes with Android KitKat operating system, three back colored cases, a protective cover, and an 8 GB micro SD card to store all your multimedia files.  ARCHOS also announces the availability of the ARCHOS 45c Platinum in September, a smaller version of the 50b Platinum for only $129.

Reshaping the Android tablet experience



ARCHOS 101 Oxygen reshapes the Android tablet user experience by combining power, features and design.  Powered by an ARM Cortex –A17 Quad Core processor, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, the ARCHOS 101 Oxygen is powerful enough to handle all your apps and activities and light enough to carry on a purse.

Available in October for $249, the thin and light ARCHOS 101 Oxygen transcends the traditional mobile multimedia experience with a full HD 1080p screen and a variety of proprietary applications such as the critically acclaimed ARCHOS multimedia player.

Introducing Microsoft’s OS on smartphones and tablets



ARCHOS prides in being an early adopter of cutting edge technology.  Based on its experience with and the success of the ARCHOS 9 PC tablet in 2009, the first tablet running Windows 7, ARCHOS proudly unveils the ARCHOS 40 Cesium smartphone and ARCHOS 80 Cesium tablet with Microsoft’s mobile OS.

ARCHOS 40 Cesium Smartphone – The powerful and affordable smartphone features Windows Phone 8.1 operating system and enjoys an ultra-clear 4-inch screen. Available in September for only $99, the ARCHOS 40 Cesium is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core processor and comes with three colored back cases, yellow, blue and black.

ARCHOS 80 Cesium Tablet – ARCHOS 80 Cesium, the ideal Windows 8.1 tablet, showcases an 8-inch IPS screen with 1280×800 resolution and is run by an Intel Quad Core processor.  Available in October for only $149, ARCHOS 80 Cesium perfectly blends quality and affordability, and replicates the user experience of your desktop on the go.

Universal availability of Connected Objects




ARCHOS strengthens its ecosystem of connected objects by unveiling new products, upgrading its existing selection and refining its technology.  Available in September for only $149, the connected Weather Station will work with both iOS and Android devices and will measure temperature, humidity, air quality, noise and atmospheric pressure with indoor, outdoor and plant-dedicated sensors.

ARCHOS Weather Station, as well as the two new additions to the family of Connected Objects, follows the ARCHOS Smart Home Principles by showcasing an outstanding design, being completely wireless, and remaining easy to install and use.  ARCHOS new additions to include:

ARCHOS Music Light – a lamp capable of streaming music via Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet.  ARCHOS Music Light is compatible with iOS, Android or Windows OS devices and is available now for $49.

ARCHOS Music Beany – a plush beany that combines the benefits of a headphone with the style and comfort of a traditional beany.  Similar to the Music Light, it connects via Bluetooth, is compatible with all devices and will be available for $39.

For more information about ARCHOS’ entire selection of smartphones, tablets and connected objects, visit us at

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