News and Reviews for July 10th 2009

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It’s Friday.. Woo-Hoo!  Here’s the news:

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W ATX PSU .

Quote: PCP&C have always been an enthusiasts favourite. But does their latest 910W model have what it takes to keep up with the competition?
Link: has reviewed Samsung OMNIA HD smartphone. Here is a quote from this review:

“Finally we got our hands on smartphone that created quite a stir on a PDA market. This is one of those devices that is very interesting in many ways and looks great at the same time. Samsung Omnia HD, or i8910 HD, is larger and heavier than most other smartphones, which isn’t a flaw in any way. Omnia HD is very compact and rugged device with metal frame that contains usual buttons (photo and video recording, volume rocker-control, lock button etc) and three usual buttons on the front side.…”

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NEW CONTENT (Gaming) – Grand Slam Tennis Wii Review
QUOTE: “For years and years Virtua Tennis has dominated the tennis virtual court, so much so that no other publisher has put its foot into the puddle of tennis games for many years. However, with the popularity of tennis soaring, it was only a matter of time before the biggest sports brand of them all, EA Sports decided to get into the game.
The timing is perfect because Nintendo has just released the Wii Motion Plus and this peripheral has turned Grand Slam Tennis from a good game, to one of the best tennis games ever made and a true challenge to the Virtua Tennis crown.”

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GELID Systems Silent Spirit CPU Heatsink Review @ [OC]ModShop

The word heatsink has always been one of those unusual words that doesn’t quite fit what it actually is. Let’s break it down. Heat is a form of energy associated with the motion of atoms or molecules and capable of being transmitted through solid and fluid media by conduction, convection or radiation. To sink is to fall or drop to a lower level, especially to go down in stages, or to make weaker or less forceful. Hmmm… I guess heatsink does work after all.
Regardless of my lame attempt to fill an introductory paragraph, there are many many vendors of CPU coolers (aka heatsinks). Most of them do an adequate job, but only a fine few are worthy of being in a PC enthusiast’s rig. Enthusiasts (such as the fine readers of OCModShop) want a cooler that performs beyond the call of duty, because they are usually overclocking their rigs, pushing them to the thermal breaking point.

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Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Case Review

Date: 07-09-2009 By Ben Sun

From an enthusiast’s point of view this case is in many ways a more inexpensive brother of Cooler Master’s CM Storm Scout case. The case has rounded edges, meaning you won’t cut your hand when operating on the system, adequate cooling and great cable management. There is room for four 140mm fans and a 120mm fan or alternatively up to five 120mm fans. The tool-less drive installation, and the FP I/O is a great addition to a good case. Another big plus is the hole in the CPU area that allows you to change out the CPU and CPU cooler without removing the motherboard from the case. This case sells for about $65.00 online and is a solid case that can get the job done and still have some pleasing features to make it an attractive buy.


TechwareLabs has published a review of the Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 4890 Graphics Card. Here’s a clip from the review:
Quote: Today TechwareLabs takes a look at one of the best graphics cards that ATI has to offer. The Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD4890. With the graphics processing power that we all know and love, and the addition of the award winning Vapor-X cooling, this card is sure to be a leading contender.

* Title: Thermaltake Element G Computer Case @ APH Networks
* Description: If you live in North America, you may remember the recent
Gatorade commercial “What’s G?”. Well, that seems like the perfect phrase for
what we’re going to be taking a look at today; none other than the
Thermaltake’s newest gaming chassis, the Element G. The newly released
Element G is one of three cases as a part of Thermaltake’s Element Series –
along with its big brother the Element S, and its little brother, the Element
T. Labeled with the tag line “Create for Pros”, the Element G is a mid-tower
chassis designed with the computer gamer in mind. In the highly competitive
gaming chassis market, a case needs to be both aesthetically pleasing without
having an overly tacky appearance, and at the same time excelling with
regards to functionality. Will the Element G give us enthusiasts exactly what
we’ve been looking for? Or will more proven cases such as the Antec Nine
Hundred Two and CoolerMaster HAF 932 be better alternatives? Featuring three
multi-color LED fans, 2.5″ drive mounting for drives such as SSDs, and a
lower PSU chamber for better thermal management, the Element G definitely
sounds like feature packed chassis designed for an enthusiast system on
paper. Today, we’ll be the ones to examine thoroughly whether or not it is
truly worthy of the tag line “Create for Pros”. Read on to find out if the
Element G is really worth your money.
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We have just posted up a review of a Wireless N Security camera from Trendnet.  The camera on the bench is the IP-TV512WN and it features motion detection, automatic recording and email alerts including a picture of the captured subject.  It’s not a complete security system by any means, but is sure offers some extra peace of mind.  Check out our review for all the details.
Title: Trendnet ProView Wirless N Internet Camera

NEW CONTENT (Input Peripherals) – GIGABYTE GM-M7800S Swarovski Crystal Mouse
QUOTE: “When GIGABYTE first sent me this mouse I thought it would be something chintzy and cheap looking, but when I opened the package that arrived at my door I could see that this is a product which has been given a lot of thought as to the marketability.
In this set you get the mouse itself embedded with three Swarovski crystals from their Crystalised series. Also included is a certificate with an edition numbering, batteries, the RF transceiver that nestles into the bottom of the mouse when not in use and a carry case for it, adorned with GIGABYTEs logo.”

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MSI G41TM-E43 Motherboard Review

Author: Elric Phares Date: 07-09-2009

From a features point of view the G41TM-E43 motherboard delivers for the HTPC user. Features like Blu-Ray audio playback through the onboard sound, an ok integrated graphics chip with the G41, HDMI and DVI-D support on the rear I/O, support for Core 2 Quad CPUs like the Q9400 can make a great HTPC. Granted, gaming performance on the G41 is not the greatest, but if you are using your computer to watch Blu-Ray movies, play console games and watch TV playing computer games on the integrated graphics is the last thing you should worry about. HTPC users are looking for small, quiet motherboards with basic integrated graphics to play back Blu-Ray movies and this board does that. In any event, there is a PCI Express x16 slot for an add-on graphics card if you want to play games with this motherboard.

Review Link:

Title: Solio Hybrid 1000 – Hybrid Solar Charger

Review Link:

Review Snipit:
” Up on the old test bench today I’ve got the Solio Hybrid 1000 Solar Charger, it’s a lightweight and very portable solar charging solution for your phone or other gadgets. The hybrid part comes in where it can be charged via the sun or a standard USB port on your computer. So read on to learn more…”

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WWE 2K15 Now Available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

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Turtle Beach Stealth 500X Fully Wireless Gaming Headset for the Xbox One Now Shipping

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