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The aim of is to collect product reviews from everywhere, eventually all product reviews will be aggregated by us and incorporated into our main site. The premise or idea behind this is to collect these reviews and average them out to provide a score that a user can understand when trying to find more information about a product. We also collect user reviews as well, so the average consumer can see and learn what people just like him or her have to say about a product.

It’s December, the end of the year basically, and we’ve collected the top products from our categories on the main site to show you the best of the best this year according to how you and the professionals rated them. The first up is the best cell phones, we’ve reviewed a few cell phones here at technogog, but we all know there are plenty more out there, here’s the top five phones for 2008 as rated by users and professionals.

5) Coming in at number five we’ve got the Nokia N85, it’s rather small slider with a touch sensitive navigation wheel and an accelerometer as well, along with a 2.6 inch OLED screen to round things out. Expert Score 8,4 (10 experts), User Score 9,1 (51 users)



4) at the number foour spot we’ve got the Nokia E66, a slider phone that’s packed with features like GPS and FM radio.
Expert Score 8,6 (25 experts), User Score 8,3 (66 users)


3) for the number three spot we’ve got the Sony Ericsson W760i, a slick slider phone with excellent sound quality and an attractive price. Expert Score 9,3 (25 experts), User Score 8,4 (330 users)


2) At the number two spot we’ve got the BlackBerry Bold, it’s a phone that was just recently introduced but very quickly won the hearts of consumers and professionals alike. Expert Score 8,5 (37 experts), User Score 8,3 (119 users)




1) and at the number one spot we’ve got another Nokia, the Nokia E71 which resembles a BlackBerry actually, at least to me it does anyway. The E71 has been called the best phone for the prosumer, it’s been said that it takes the best of the BlackBerry and iPhone and combines these things into a well designed package that most anyone will appreciate. Expert Score 8,9 (33 experts), User Score 8,9 (557 users)



As you can see if was a good year for Nokia, despite the popularity of the iPhone, and the introduction of the new BlackBerry, Nokia succeeded in coming out on top, taking three out of the top five slots of 2008 for popularity among both professionals and regular users alike. All these amazing phones deserve the technogog Award "The very best of 2008" since they have truly excelled and received praise from both hardcore experts and fellow consumers.

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  • No Explanation

    so many have told me the iPhone was one of the best due to it’s countless number of applications. Why doesn’t it make the top 5? It is also the most sold smart phone.

  • kristofer

    because it’s not as good as you’ve been led to believe.. just because something is popular does not mean it is the best. and I wouldn’t call the iphone a smart phone either, it’s not in the class of a smart phone. as for countless number of applications? there’s a tiny amount of apps for the iphone when compared to what’s available for other phones out there today.

  • Stefan

    Well, the iphone has received praise from a lot of people both users and experts but overall it’s not “as good” as the above, an average expert score of 8,3 (61 reviewers) and an average user score of 7,3 (745 users) makes it amazing phone but people still think it lacks in certain areas making the overall experience a little less then perfect.

    Personally I think the iPhone is the best thing that has happened since cell phones were introduced and I can live with a few shortcomings since I think the upside is well worth not having the best camera or a “real keyboard” or the fact that I’m locked into iTunes etc.. So these phones represent the phones that has the best average score and also delivers steady performance in almost all areas. Most of the phones on the list could be seen as smart phones, except the Sony Ericsson which is more of a main stream music phone thats affordable and still delivers outstanding performance based on the dollar spent.

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