Review of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


DVDs are great but how do you take them with you? Our lives are mobile and honestly I don’t won’t to carry a portable DVD player in addition to my phone and my tablet just to watch a movie. The…

Review of Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.5

Dragon Dictate01

Approximately 2 years ago I had the opportunity to review MacSpeech Dictate a speech recognition software designed to make text input on OS X as simple as speaking. Since that time I have used MacSpeech Dictate on a fairly regular…

Review of OmniFocus for Mac


As we get older and our lives become more complex between personal and work responsibilities, keeping track of “to do” tasks can become a job onto itself. There are many ways of attacking these tasks and today we will look…

Review of TextExpander 3


Perusing through the 2010 end of year “Best of” lists for the Mac, I noticed one application or app as Apple now calls them, to be on several of these lists – TextExpander 3 from Smile Software. It is designed…

Review of 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition


Futuremark is well known for their benchmarks, and now they’re  also known for their games too. The most popular of their software is the 3DMark series, and now the newest one is here. They were kind enough to send me…

Review of muvee Reveal 8


Look around the internet and you’ll see tons of videos created by users, in fact I’m sure you know there are sites out there dedicated to just videos. Most of those videos are created by average people and not professional…

Review of MacSpeech Scribe


Imagine having your own personal stenographer to transcribe our recorded words into printed text. With today’s review item you need hire your own personal secretary as the Mac OS X based MacSpeech Scribe does the job for you. For those…

Review of Driver Cleaner


It’s important to  keep the drivers in your system updated to make sure everything runs as it should. You’ve got many drivers in your computer that help keep things working correctly, but as technology progresses these drivers will need updated…

SiSoftware Sandra 2010 Portable USB Edition


Testing, Benchmarking and generally getting information about your computer is important to not only product testers and companies but it can also be a valuable source of information for the general user as well. If you look around the internet…

Things Mac / Things iPhone / iPod Touch


A few years ago I was amazed out how my forty year old boss had such a poor memory. Now that I am, cough, cough, a little older with two kids running around at home and working around the clock…

MacSpeech Dictate


Before I start this review I have a confession to make; I hate typing! I am not the fastest typist and I tend to make more mistakes than I care to admit to. So when MacSpeech offered me the opportunity…

EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0


These days, everyone knows you should back up your data on a regular basis. Our hard drives are becoming so big and the amount of data on them is nearly incomprehensible. To that end, when trouble occurs or our drives…

WinX DVD Ripper


A while ago we took a look at WinX DVD Author software, and recently they asked me to take a look at another of their programs called WinX DVD Ripper, and, as the name suggests, it’s a DVD ripping tool.…

Diskeeper 2009 Professional


Remember the days when 120GB hard drives were considered capacious? Today a terabyte 3.5 “ hard drive can be bought for a little over a hundred dollars, sometimes less if you find a great deal. With all the available space…

Callpod Keeper Desktop


At my last office job, I worked for a fellow with a rather forgetful memory when it came to passwords and logins. Despite most of them being the exact same, he could never remember his credentials to anything – ever.…

Black Friday: Deals from Acer

Black Friday: Deals from Acer

Kristofer Brozio
Acer has several things on special for Black Friday at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Costco and even t…
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2 days agoBlack Friday: Deals from Acer
OCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs

OCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs

Kristofer Brozio
OCZ announced this morning the launch of the Sabre 1000 series of SSDs which are enterprise class wh…
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2 days agoOCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs
Wiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book

Wiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book

Kristofer Brozio
Hmm, I want this  book for me, I’ll read it then I’ll give it to my kids, I think I need it&nbs…
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2 days agoWiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book
Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Tomas Ratas
The first Bluetooth headset review I did was several years ago. It is amazing how things have change…
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1 day agoReview of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Call of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Coming Soon

Call of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Com…

Kristofer Brozio
Blah, so I totally misread this PR at first and I went to download this from Google Play and then tr…
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2 days agoCall of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Com…