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Who Would Use The Google Chrome Operating System?


If you use the Internet, chances are you know about Google (if not, get out from under your rock!). From their search engine giant status to their release of their Android operating system for Smart Phones, Google has invested much…

What Windows Phone 7 Needs NOW!


Microsoft and its partners have just released the version of the venerable Windows mobile device, this time around dubbed Windows Phone 7. While Microsoft has been in the mobile device business for almost a decade, this version represents a completely…

The Facebook UID – A Threat To Your Privacy?


In today’s world, identity theft is a very real and potential threat to one’s economic well-being. It is only sensible to keep track of our social security numbers and account numbers in order to prevent potential malicious use. Such information…

16 Awesome Nerd Halloween Costumes


Show off your inner nerd this Halloween by dressing up in one of these classic nerdy costumes that will always be in style… and there’s something for everyone. Let’s start with Star Wars. With so many great characters to choose…

The Multi-Touch Cost: Mac Simplicity?


There is no doubt that Apple is selling more MacBooks than ever before. In fact, Mac sales are triple what they were just 5 years ago. And with 50 million Mac users in the wild, Apple must be doing something…

Seven inches is enough, RIM tells Jobs


Yes, that’s a real headline.. you have to wonder how that got past the editor!?   The headline is from Australia, so maybe they don’t get it over there, or maybe it was on purpose!  I do agree with this quote…

FaceTime Alternatives – Yahoo Messenger And Tango


When the iPhone 4 launched, one of the big draws was mobile video calling. Labeled “FaceTime”, Apple introduced a new standard with its release, and FaceTime works quite well. Integrated with the phone contacts, it has never been easier to…

When Are Tablets Better Than A Smartphone?


Tablets are becoming quite the rage on the technical market, with seemingly everyone releasing their own version (and with a variety of operating systems). But in a lot of the cases the buyer of a new tablet device already owns…

How iOS 4 Has Changed My iPhone Habits


When Apple released iOS 4 for the iPhone, it matured the device into a multi-tasking tool handy for a lot of different applications. While there is a lot to be said for the elegant simplicity of running one app at…

The Hard Work of Leisure Devices


When we work, hopefully we like to work hard and get the tasks at hand done, or at least keep them under control. And, when we relax, it is nice to have our favorite gadget handy to help us unwind…

Speed Test Verizon 3G Mobile HotSpot


So it’s Sunday and I’m sitting here getting my oil change, tires rotated etc and I figured I’d bring my netbook along to browse etc. Many Verizon phones come with the Verizon 3G Mobile hotspot feature and I decided to…

The Challenge Ahead For The HP WebOS Tablet


HP has announced to the world, plans to release a WebOS based tablet early next year, and it would seem to be a promising product. After all, HP bought Compaq, one of my favorite tablets ever sold to date, the…

OCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs

OCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs

Kristofer Brozio
OCZ announced this morning the launch of the Sabre 1000 series of SSDs which are enterprise class wh…
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3 days agoOCZ Launches Sabre 1000 Series SSDs
Call of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Coming Soon

Call of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Com…

Kristofer Brozio
Blah, so I totally misread this PR at first and I went to download this from Google Play and then tr…
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3 days agoCall of Duty: Heroes Out Today on iOS, Android Com…
Black Friday: Deals from Acer

Black Friday: Deals from Acer

Kristofer Brozio
Acer has several things on special for Black Friday at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Costco and even t…
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2 days agoBlack Friday: Deals from Acer
Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Tomas Ratas
The first Bluetooth headset review I did was several years ago. It is amazing how things have change…
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2 days agoReview of Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Wiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book

Wiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book

Kristofer Brozio
Hmm, I want this  book for me, I’ll read it then I’ll give it to my kids, I think I need it&nbs…
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3 days agoWiley Announces Coding For Kids for Dummies Book